Diamond Grading Chart

The Diamond Cs

The below grading chart shows the internationally recognised scale for determining the two most contentious Cs of diamonds: Colour and Clarity, as well as the very stringent selection process for creating each individual piece of AïANA diamond jewellery.

Why Are Colour and Clarity 'Contentious'?

Diamonds are inspected by trained specialists to obtain their individual grades. However, due to the nature of human subjectivity, the same diamond could be graded differently by different people. For this reason, all of our diamonds are graded by either GIA or IGI, which are internationally recognised and trusted laboratories, so that we can be sure we are offering you exactly what you pay for.

Why Don't Labs Just Create All Flawless Diamonds?

Diamonds in the laboratory process are created from a diamond 'seed', with a technology that can be likened to 'pressing fast forward' on the natural growth process. Because of this, the likelihood of flaws and colouration is just as high in the created diamond industry.

All diamonds 0.23ct and larger can be supplied with a digital copy of the grading report upon request at time of order.