We've Turned Two!

We've Turned Two!

Hi! It’s Kim and Sue, founders of AïANA and we’ve turned TWO! 

Looking back on the year, some things have changed personally, professionally and for the brand - our team has grown! Whilst it was challenging at times, we have come out the other side closer together as a brand, a team and as friends. 

As lovers of jewellery, we can’t help but bring new design ideas to the table. We quite often find ourselves talking about products and new concepts, even if the meeting started off with different objectives like cashflow, business structure strategies, technical website talk - other very important things, some might say. 

We have found some exciting local makers and suppliers to add to the stable that will help make our new designs come to life, so watch this space! 

At the heart of it all, AïANA is about creating contemporary, wearable pieces that are ethically and sustainably made, in collaboration with like minded partners. At a recent jewellery fair, we observed a significant positive change in the Australian industry’s attitude towards sustainable and transparent practices - baby steps, but enough to celebrate that the tide is moving in the right direction. While some industry veterans may still resist change, this shift in mindset has inspired us to keep pushing forward in our mission to offer 'a conscious choice' so our customers have realistic options in sustainable luxury, without compromising their aesthetic.

AIANA founders photo

How do we do this? 

We are very selective in who we work with, and our suppliers are asked to sign a testimonial in terms of their practices around sustainability and ethical responsibility. We continue to choose to work with lab diamonds over mined diamonds, always procured from reputable sources. We are mindful of overproduction, which is why we maintain limited inventory. We are intentional about our packaging choices and not adding unnecessary “extras” for the sake of the unboxing moment. This also allows us to keep our prices fair. We create and make pieces in harmony with each other that will last, without resorting to inbuilt obsolescence to manufacture seasonal trends.

Thank you all for another incredible year and we look forward to another big one as we continue on this journey with you. 


Kim, Sue and the AïANA Team x