AïANA (eye⸱ah⸱na) was created as an ethical and sustainable jewellery alternative for the discerning collector. Our name means eternal blossom, a notion of endless beauty that resonates with our slow fashion objective to create contemporary keepsakes that stand the test of time.

Throughout their years of friendship, our founders always shared a passion for jewellery and an admiration of fine design. Concern for environmental and ethical issues related to the traditional jewellery industry, saw them searching for a better way to adorn themselves without compromising their values. What began as a conversation, soon blossomed into something bigger and AïANA was born.

The AïANA team is on a mission to use a new perspective to disrupt an industry steeped in unchallenged and hidden practices.We are committed to a transparent approach in the sustainable creation of high quality fine jewellery.

Quality is Key

Wearing your favorite pieces shouldn't mean compromising your ethical standards. All diamonds and metals are independently certified to provide the highest quality for our product. 

Supporting Local Industry

Custom and made to order pieces are designed in Sydney, Australia and created with local production facilities. We aim to bring everything as close to home as we can. Any proprietary materials that cannot be sourced in Australia are transported with a concern for carbon impact.

Sustainable Processes

We don't create excess inventory; we carefully plan our supplies and many pieces are created one at a time, just for the person who has purchased it. We exclusively use lab created diamonds and work with established partners who don't compromise their standards for profit.